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MOD Solutions x Eddie’s Clean Hands

Order today! Email Mike Johnson or call 551-220-7153.

Did you know over 100 sanitizers were recalled by the FDA for using potentially fatal chemicals? Eddie’s Clean Hands uses isopropyl alcohol and has a 3rd party lab test each batch to prove the exact amount of alcohol is used. Unlike gel sanitizers, Eddie’s liquid spray can be used on every surface you encounter such as shopping carts, door handles, phones, backpacks, etc. With over 200 uses alone, this travel-sized 2 oz. bottle is the perfect size for on-the-go usage.

Eddie’s Clean Hands has been FDA & USDA Registered for over ten years. Being manufactured by NutraLife BioSciences, a publicly traded company, you can expect the highest level of safety and expertise as they have been cGMP Compliant (good manufacturing practices) for over a decade. NutraLife has COAs, MSDS sheets for every product and verifies all of its claimed ingredients and concentration through a 3rd party lab before any shipment is made.

Unlike most sanitizers that stink, Eddie’s uses natural fragrances to make sure every hand or surface you apply it to smells great while also removing harmful bacteria. Eddie’s Clean Hands liquid sanitizer is exclusively distributed to Hoboken based businesses through MOD Solutions! To order, call Mike Johnson at 551-220-7153.